The Germanista Advantage

We want the best experience for all sides – here is a sampling of some of the leading questions we use to guide our decisions in determining placements.


  • Will this organization have the capacity to provide a meaningful internship experience?
  • Have they hosted interns before?
  • Do the planned tasks relate back to the students’ academics? Is this an experience that will push the student’s career forward?


  • What type of company culture do they have?
  • What internship opportunities are available? What types of tasks will the student most likely be doing?
  • What is the reputation of the organization?
  • Are they interested in generating new talent?
  • Do they have a need for an English speaker?


  • German language skills
  • Previous academic work
  • Employment history
  • Skills, hobbies, interests
  • Career goals
  • Personality
  • Articulated interests and non-interests regarding organizations and tasks