Internships in Germany for American University Students

The Germanista Internship Program Provides:

  • Intercultural Competence| I believe in the importance of exchange between Germans and Americans and in building intercultural bridges between Germany and the United States in the professional world. The American intern benefits from the experience, but the German host organization benefits as well.
  • Applied Learning| I’m lucky in that I’ve been able to use just about everything I learned from my bachelor’s degree in the work I’ve done since graduation. However, I know that without the many work-study jobs, summer positions, and internships (including an internship in Germany!) I had, I never would’ve been as prepared to start my first post-grad job. Germanista Internships help students connect theory and practical experiences in the U.S. with the world of work in Germany, preparing them for the global employment market.
  • Authentic Exchange| Internships in the U.S. and in Germany look, feel and are different. I believe in providing students with an internship experience that emulates exactly what it is like to intern in Germany, and doesn’t try to recreate American culture abroad.
  • Affordable Education Abroad| I believe that internships abroad should induce more student debt. My definition of affordable is when a summer internship program can be saved and paid for after only two semesters of work-study.

The Germanista Story:

I’m Jessica, and here at Germanista (Gaer/maH/nee/sta) I connect American universities and students to tailor-made internships at German organizations.

In 2013, while I was gearing up for my own internship search in Germany, I realized that there were plenty of organizations offering internships in the country, but none offering an experience in which I could have a direct say in; none in which my academic, personal and career interests could be drawn upon when reaching out to potential internship sites.

Rather quickly, it became clear that I had two main options: find my own placement, but pay several hundred dollars for the work authorization only, or buy into a full-fledged program at one of the branch campus-style organizations, which for two months would run me upwards of $8,000+.

So I decided to do it on my own. I found my own placement, organized my work authorization, figured out which visa I needed and how to get it, secured housing and even figured out which scholarship program complimented my independent internship experience, scoring a free flight, German course, and some spending cash along the way.

In 2016, I used this experience to spearhead an exclusive international internship program as a way to give back to my undergraduate institution by providing current students with cookie-cutter practical experiences in Augsburg, Germany, where I live and work. I was committed to designing a program that helped students develop Germany-specific intercultural skills within authentic practical experiences that didn’t require them having to take out a boatload of additional loans. With the Germanista program, students get the most bang for the buck compared to all of the other programs on the market – an affordable, quality internship experience that students can pay for within two semesters of work-study.

I’ve since helped secure dozens of internships for American and international students, and I know first-hand all of the moving parts that need juggling when it comes to organizing and preparing for an internship in Germany.

Regardless of if you are a university administrator looking to expand your internship abroad portfolio or an individual student interested in crafting an entirely customized to your internship experience, I’m your go-to girl for internships in Germany.

I can’t wait to meet you and get started! Bis bald!

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  • Centrally located in Europe
  • Population: ca. 300,000
  • Second safest city in Germany
  • Rich in history and museums
  • High-speed train connections to major European cities
  • Convenient, safe and affordable public transportation
  • Student infrastructure due to two universities in the city
  • Home to well-known SMEs

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